SYSchange for z/OS

Gaining control of your system software configuration changes is crucial to ensuring mainframe availability and delivering superior service. SYSchange delivers full control over your z/OS systems environment by allowing your IT department to comply with stringent regulations, manage change and configuration, and deploy updates throughout your systems, LPARs and sysplex environment. SYSchange is a comprehensive software configuration management (SCM) platform for tracking, controlling, and managing changes in software. In addition, SYSchange is an advanced software deployment solution designed to synchronize software environments. SYSchange has 3 components:

  • Compliancy Management
  • Advanced Deployment
  • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Compliancy Managment

SYSchange provides regulatory compliance by automatically creating member versions each time a protected PDS or PDSE is updated via a batch job or ISPF.  The SYSchange Started Task (STC) assures systems administrators that all changes at the member level are transparently recorded and backed up for future recovery and auditing purposes.  Critical libraries are protected from unauthorized change at the member-level; thus, the STC proactively eliminates system intrusions using a unique member-level locking/unlocking technology which is easily switched on or off by the systems administrators as needed. The SYSchange on-line recovery allows for convenient viewing of changes and instant recovery from errors when necessary.

Advanced Deployment

SYSchange provides automatic and scalable change identification, instant packaging, and deployment of changes across multiple local or remote systems. SYSchange also provides versatile custom packaging for deploying initial installs and on-going maintenance to multiple LPARs (with the added benefit of roll back when needed). In addition, SYSchange provides capabilities for centralized SMP/E maintenance and MODS distribution to multiple LPARs, complementing current SMP/E processes

Application LifeCycle Management (ALM)

SYSchange provides an effective workspace to manage application developmentduring a lifecycle, while providing exclusive ownership to selected members thereby preventing regression.

Version control and online recovery of source or load members during a development cycle are also addressed. Developers easily document their changes online, helping during review and recovery. Users swiftly Edit and Compile source code from a single convenient ISPF menu without having to exit SYSchange ISPF.  Furthermore, their team leaders are able to quickly Review and Approve application-level changes prior to creating their promotion packages.

Top 10 Uses of SYSchange.

  • Automatic Member-level Backup and Recovery of Critical Systems Libraries
  • Auditing of Real-time Changes Recorded by the SYSchange STC Around the Clock
  • Change Detection in any Software Environment (z/OS or USS software)
  • Comparing Local and Remote Software Environments (z/OS or USS software)
  • Synchronizing Software Environments (z/OS or USS software)
  • Software Deployment and Release Management
  • Segregation of Duties (SOD) During Deployment
  • Change Request and Approval Process
  • Centralized Change Management for SMP/E and non-SMP/E Updates
  • Console Command Tracking


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