We have over 25 years of expertise in
delivering solutions

We have over 25 years of expertise in delivering solutions which address compliancy requirements on z/OS. System software security, change control, change management, and software deployment have been the key focus for our technologies.  World-wide customers benefit from our products in achieving modern mandates for accountability, traceability, and recoverability. We also enable synchronizing software at disaster recovery sites with minimal cost and effort.

We have recently joined with DROPS Software, a subsidiary of ARCAD Software in France who is recognized as a world leader in Application Lifecycle Management for the IBMi platform and open systems, to extend our solutions.  This partnership enables Pristine Software to target the multiplatform market including: Windows, UNIX, Linux, IBMi and z/OS.

DROPS Software, empowered by SYSchange, has enabled our customers to implement strategies of “Continuous Delivery” of software and application release automation in their enterprise environment.

Founder of Pristine Software

Michael Madani started his career as an IBM Systems Engineer in 1974.  In 1979, he graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts with his master’s degree in the field of Computer Science. In 1983, he pursued his post-graduate degree at the University of California in Davis, where he taught Software Engineering courses to UCD students. Michael Madani is the Founder and Chief Architect at Pristine Software established in 2000. Pristine has provided corporations around the world with leading-edge software solutions in the area of Systems Software Change Control and Deployment.