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SYSchange Introduction:

SYSchange is providing top data centers world-wide with outstanding technologies; especially in the areas of systems software compliance and change management for MVS and its derivatives (including OS/390 and z/OS). SYSchange is also an excellent tool for providing organizations full compliance with strict mandates such as those of the recent Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act. Using its state-of-the-art Started Task (called the STC), SYSchange maximizes productivity by providing managers a central point of control, while offering organizations the benefits of complete visibility and compliance via a "birds-eye" view of system-wide activities. A single set of Control and Data files are used for the recording of change activities and the actual storage of backup versions; helping to keep all important data in one place for easy access. Additionally, "Feedback Files" provide another layer of automation by helping automatically inform originating systems about the status of their package promotions on other LPARs. This is very important for auditing and accountability of system-wide changes. SYSchange also provides systems programmers with a reliable process for safely introducing planned and authorized changes by using a change request process called the "SYSchange CR Process." The SYSchange CR Process not only helps eliminate any chance for last minute costly "surprises," but project approval occurs up front before components can be modified, radically reducing the chances of undesired change. Hence, SYSchange assists managers of modern organizations as well as their systems programmers to become much more confident and engaged with the projects at hand; this way, managers are assured that with the arsenal of automated and proactive technologies offered by SYSchange, the chances of systems software corruption or a costly system crash are eliminated.

In addition, SYSchange customers become productive quickly, and reap many benefits delivered to them from a single software package that is highly customizable and tailored to their needs. Furthermore, unlike existing change management products on the market today, complicated ISPF panels and impractical procedures have been completely eliminated and redesigned from the ground-up, thereby reducing not only the user's learning overhead and time spent accomplishing their projects, but also eliminating last minute surprises that are very prevalent with other software solutions. Consequently, data centers are able to gain significant advantages when they begin using SYSchange. In fact, our customers are better equipped for the change management demands of the future because they enable their managers and IT staff to focus their efforts on the critical projects at hand, rather than wasting effort on cumbersome, ineffecient, and ultimately risky methodologies.

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance:

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