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Today's z/OS Ecosystems:

IBM z/OS environments are continually evolving and undergoing developmental changes.  This is precisely why our core product called “SYSchange,” has been painstakingly engineered to meet the stringent demands of leading corporations world-wide.   SYSchange brings decades worth of programming experience on the IBM Mainframe to the pinnacle of innovation and versatility.  At every design and development phase, our product has taken the customer’s needs and stringent demands into consideration, so we can deliver the ultimate Systems Software Change Management and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution to our clients.  The results speak for themselves, and we continue to successfully bring more and more satisfied SYSchange customers onboard to discover the wealth of functionality and features we can offer them. 

Our Vision:

Our vision is to enable every z/OS mainframe computer the capability to have total control over the development, management and deployment of change.  It is this ongoing vision and commitment to push boundaries with all of our technologies that has made SYSchange a true next-generation breakthrough product.  At Pristine Software, we harness the insight, dedication and expertise of our developers to challenge conventional change management boundaries, and thereby deliver to our clients the unprecedented technologies of the next decade.

Our Approach:

In part, the success of SYSchange is based on years of software development experience.  However, our success is also in large part the culmination of our continuous effort to always be enhancing and improving our software technologies using an imaginative and “outside the box” forward thinking design strategy of what will be required in the future.  Hence, we are proud to be able to offer the industry profoundly more versatile, all-encompassing, and refreshing IBM mainframe technologies (e.g. Advanced Packaging and Deployment technologies) which are missing from traditional change management products on the market today.  With SYSchange, we have also tried to take common Change Management and ALM functionalities and make them much more “user-friendly,” automated, proactive, and intelligent by design; this way our clients benefit from tangible and significant gains in their day to day productivity, security, and resource management challenges.  With each and every client engagement, we have learned profound lessons and worked hard to incorporate new innovative solutions for age old challenges (and built it right our product SYSchange), so that our future clients automatically obtain all the benefits we have strived to deliver.  We are also proud of a very unique and personal engagement with each and every one of our clients because it provides Pristine Software the invaluable opportunity to improve our solutions directly based on customer feedback, while also enabling us to explore new creative paths and potentials.  Indeed this type of positive synergy with customers is very uncommon with other corporations where bureaucracy and politics often prevent constructive progress. Fortunately for Pristine Software however, the lack of such obstacles, combined with our own high passion for better mainframe products, precisely place us in a much better strategic position to be at the forefront of future technologies and innovative solutions.  We hope you take the time to enjoy our web site, and learn as much as you can about SYSchange from here, so you can quickly license your own copy, quickly and easily install it, and begin enjoying the enormous benefits that SYSchange has to offer on your z/OS ecosystems.

Our Process:

At Pristine Software, we believe that a data center can only be as efficient and productive as its development and change management paradigms.  That’s why we have taken years to develop SYSchange: a comprehensive, automated, proactive and transparent solution which is quickly becoming the de facto standard and wiser alternative for modern corporations.  Since its inception, Pristine Software has recognized that no two clients will have exactly the same needs or uses from a given product.  This is precisely why from very early on, we have taken each and every enhancement request from our prospects and customers very seriously, and painstakingly developed and incorporated all of their “next-generation” kinds of enhancement requests into one software solution (SYSchange). Consequently, SYSchange is truly a "Bundled" and loaded product containing many solutions and benefits. For example, SYSchange customers enjoy significant advantages and improvements over existing (often outdated and extemely cumbersome) change management products and methodologies which unfortunately not only force users into a “Boxed” and “Regimented ” routine, but needlessly create inflexible paradigms of thought, while offering less value compared to SYSchange. In contrast however, with the SYSchange design paradigm for Software Change Management and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), customers immediately benefit from highly intuiitive, automated, proactive, transparent and versatile "next-generation" style functionalities and features that better position IT Managers and their staff to focus on the projects and assignments at hand, rather than wasting valuable company time on unproductive, cumbersome and counterintuitive approaches. Hence, such benefits inherent only to SYSchange, translates to much higher levels of corporate productivity and a wiser ultimate ROI for the customer.  Here at Pristine Software, we pride ourselves in the fact that we spend considerable time and effort in the design phase, so that we don’t end up developing solutions and technologies that become a bottleneck and a burden on the customer, rather than a tool they could be enjoying using. This is precisely why SYSchange is successfully gaining more and more momentum year after year and continues to garner top clients from countries around the world !

We can’t speak for others, but Pristine Software clients benefit from not having to deal with the many shortcomings that are prevalent with traditional change management solutions that have been in the industry for decades.  Such shortcomings are often catastrophic or at best extremely costly for a corporation which is trying to compete in a very competitive market while simultaneously dealing with challenging economic times and shorter project deadlines.  For Pristine Software, the added expenses and pitfalls which can result from using outdated change management products are simply unacceptable.  Examples of such shortcomings include but are not limited to:  (1) Poor design concepts; for example, with more traditional change management solutions, the CR Project Approval typically happens at the end of the CR Life Cycle instead of more intelligently at the start of the project like with SYSchange.  (2) With other products, the change packaging and deployment methodologies will not be nearly as robust, automated and centrally controlled as in SYSchange.  With other products, the change detection, packaging, propagation and deployment of that change requires many manual user iterations with high levels of user involvement at every step. The more manual steps involved with any task, the more likely that a catastrophic and costly mistake can happen (such as out-of-sync software environments, costly regressions resulting from improper change control methodolgies, and even entire system outages due to unauthorized or undesired change that cannot easily be reverted.) These types of mistakes cost corporations millions of dollars annually, and can be fully prevented with SYSchange.  Furthermore, with outdated and more "Traditional" change management products, you will find that there are many other shortcomings; examples include poor user interface design and steps, decentralization of data, scattered, unorganized and confusing change management methodologies, and even stagnation and unawareness of minute changes to member level data.  By centralizing, automating and controlling every change, SYSchange is a proven solution that prevents many such disasters.  Even when something as subtle as a promotion occurs on a remote system, SYSchange uses a clever “Feedback” mechanism so that higher levels of change awareness are achieved by managers, thereby preventing confusion and stagnation of vital data and decision making regarding the next step. Consequently, at Pristine Software, we pride ourselves in the positive feedback we continue to receive about SYSchange from our users, and are confident that SYSchange will deliver flexible solutions that can easily tackle the needs of the next decade.  At Pristine Software, we leverage our proven methodologies and expertise to create practical, rewarding relationships with our clients while delivering solutions that reach beyond their expectations.       


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